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  • Right&Above team really impressed us with an exceptional ability to cater to all our technology needs. Whether it is hardware and software development,... read more >

    Alexander Gak

    Baeta Corporation

  • There are several benefits to working with Right&Above. Some of them are: High-quality development resources for all purposes ... read more >

    Christos Alatzidis - Group CIO & CTO


  • Our website www.commlinkav.com  needed a unique design, something special which could help us to stand out from the competitors. We are proud of our... read more >

    Roman Genkin - Partner

    Comm Link Inc.

  • Right&Above was a great pleasure to work with. Their staff was knowledgable and professional, committed to the project and timeline, dedicated to providing... read more >

    Anna Kuznesov


  • Working with Right&Above has benefitted us in numerous ways. From talent, teamwork to timely delivery, Right&Above continues to prove to be an asset to... read more >

    Archana Jaiswal


  • MRAG Americas, Inc. had a very unique app project.  Right&Above came highly recommended for this project by colleagues in the IT industry.  Right&Above... read more >

    Connie Delano

    MRAG Americas, Inc.

  • We sought the advice and services of Right&Above after they were recommended by a client of our firm. The client had used them to develop its website... read more >

    D. Sylvester

    Fitzgerald & Rhodes LLP

  • Right&Above software development services were recommended to us by colleagues in the FinTech industry. As a founder of a company, I know first hand what... read more >

    Kristjan Kangro - Founder & CEO


  • Right & Above has been our go to IT services provider for the last four years, whether our project was electronics development or bespoke software development.... read more >

    N. Melissas

    S Falcon Australia Pty Ltd

  • We have been working with Right&Above since late 2016. Our experience with them has been exceptional. At first, I was not convinced that an international... read more >

    Samuel Ibrahim - Founder & CEO

    Flow ROI


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Right&Above software development services were recommended to us by colleagues in the FinTech industry. As a founder of a company, I know first hand what a dependable vendor means for business, and can vouch for Right&Above.

Right&Above team provides high quality continuous delivery, clear and effective communication, technology stack flexibility, and quick team buildup and scaling. They carefully listen and identify the client needs, and develop a timely solution to meet those needs. They use their technical expertise to advise on available options, and advantages and disadvantages of specific tools, methods and solutions.

We have greatly benefited from our relationship from Right&Above to implement a financial investing platform. Right&Above is a trusted technology partner who is part of our success.

Kristjan Kangro - Founder & CEO


There are several benefits to working with Right&Above. Some of them are:
  1. High-quality development resources for all purposes
  2. Almost on-demand resourcing. Right&Above reacts fast to our needs.
  3. Human Resources Risk Management: By having Right&Above as a trusted partner in the long-term, the risk of missing resources, in case the internal team reduces in size, is minimizing.
The product of the work of Right&Above is consistently high quality.
The deliverables are at the expectation and well-tested.
The deliverables are simple to understand and maintain.
Right&Above is getting the right skill set and the right amount of resources at the right time, consistently.

Christos Alatzidis - Group CIO & CTO


We have been working with Right&Above since late 2016. Our experience with them has been exceptional.

At first, I was not convinced that an international development company will meet the demands of our elaborate software platform, or completely understand the scope of our industry. However, not only we are happy but can unequivocally say we could not have accomplished our goals, objective, and develop such an comprehensive product with any other company. Right&Above have quickly and efficiently understood our requirement, our industry and the scope of the platform. Their designers and developers are first rate. They are able to scale the numbers of developers to meet the demands and deadlines of our needs. They are truly a partner that is always there and care not just about their work but also about our company and entire operation. When I demonstrate the product to industry leaders and colleagues in other industries, they are amazed at how fast we developed the platform and more amazed when we describe the budget to accomplish this magnificent work. Our relationship with Right&Above will continue for years to come, and with complete confidence I recommend them.


Samuel Ibrahim - Founder & CEO

Flow ROI

Our website www.commlinkav.com needed a unique design, something special which could help us to stand out from the competitors. We are proud of our high level of customer service and we always expect the same attitude to ourselves. Right&Above stands up to its slogan – the work was really done Right&Above our Expectations!


Roman Genkin - Partner

Comm Link Inc.

Working with Right&Above was one of the best choices we have made as a company. Right&Above played a vital part in moving our business forward by creating the vision we had for our innovative healthcare software. They worked efficiently and always kept in contact about the project status. Their work was extremely impressive and far exceeded our expectations. They were able to create a visually impressive, user friendly software which can now be used by healthcare providers all over the world. The feedback from our users has been incredibly positive. We are very grateful for the fantastic job they did. We will, without hesitation, use Right&Above again for all of our software engineering and graphic design needs in the future.

Candice Curtin - CEO

Pressure Dx, LLC

MRAG Americas, Inc. had a very unique app project.  Right&Above came highly recommended for this project by colleagues in the IT industry.  Right&Above accepted the project’s challenges confidently without hesitation.  They clearly outlined the scope and expected outcomes of building an app that would deliver reports to MRAG Americas, Inc. from anywhere anytime.  The results from Right&Above were exceptional, timely, professionally designed and created, and fully executed to complete satisfaction.  The open lines of communication made the project go smoothly and helped the debug phase immensely, as Right&Above found solutions that matched MRAG’s needs.  It is a pleasure doing business with Right&Above.



Connie Delano

MRAG Americas, Inc.

Working together with the Right&Above team is an excellent experience. They have successfully executed more actionable development strategies than most people have even started to think about. Right&Above has developed for us in a number of areas: hardware, embedded systems, firmware, server-side software and client front-end applications. They approached every challenge with a brilliant attitude and returned with a trustworthy advice on how to handle tasks impossible for others. The team is very competent in a great number of fields, engaging with R&D talent in the forefront of information technology. Without hesitation, I am recommending Right&Above for any project that requires the very best in development when the key to success is to do end-to-end development under the same roof.


Zoltan Gelencser MSc, MBA, PhD

Research Talent Ltd.

Working with Right&Above has benefitted us in numerous ways. From talent, teamwork to timely delivery, Right&Above continues to prove to be an asset to our company.
The results of working with Right&Above is a great product and support. We continue to get positive feedback on the product from our clients.
Right&Above is a one stop shop for all our needs. From front to back end development and hosting, Right&Above’s talented and reliable team continues to contribute greatly to our success.

Archana Jaiswal


Right&Above team really impressed us with an exceptional ability to cater to all our technology needs. Whether it is hardware and software development, website creation or hosting and IT support, they timely provide everything we ask for. Using the right innovative technologies they’ve made our biggest, boldest idea come true – deliver a solution that helps our clients live a better, healthier life. Baeta Corporation also greatly respects Right&Above management capabilities for promptly communicating every status along the way. We believe that future lies in close cooperation of technology and mankind. Thanks to Right&Above, our vision made a difference in the healthcare industry.

Alexander Gak

Baeta Corporation

Right&Above was a great pleasure to work with. Their staff was knowledgable and professional, committed to the project and timeline, dedicated to providing best service possible. We are very pleased with the overall effort Right&Above has put forth, as well as the final result! They have delivered exactly what we needed and more!

Anna Kuznesov



For us, there are no unexplored technology paths.
We provide a wide range of services including:

  • Software

    Java / C-languages / .NET / PHP / Ruby on Rails / WordPress / Drupal

    From desktop and web, to mobile and tablets, our development team codes with skill.

    We understand your needs and keep our finger on the pulse of the latest technologies to make sure every app meets and exceeds your expectations.

  • Web & Graphic

    Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop / CorelDRAW / HTML5/CSS3

    Whether you need an original website, or a concept, our talented designers will create a unique design to represent your unique project.

    When developing your website, we apply only cutting-edge W3C compliant web technologies.

  • IT Administration

    Linux/UNIX / Mobile / Windows / VoIP / Hosting / Cloud / Virtualization

    Need to troubleshoot a network problem or backup an application? Do what you always have done, while we support and host for you.

    We provide IT support and hosting services and can take care of networks, applications and websites.

  • Embedded

    Embedded Programming / Research & Development / PCB Design & Layout

    Got an idea to create a new device? We can help. We provide embedded solutions for microcontroller based systems.

    From small devices to complex multifunctional systems, we take a challenge with a great inspiration, and a desire to bring you a top-notch solution.

From desktop and web, to mobile and tablets, our development team codes with skill.

We understand your needs and keep our finger on the pulse of the latest technologies to make sure every app meets and exceeds your expectations.

  • We are

    Right & Above –

    A full-service technology solutions provider based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

    We provide effective and efficient technology solutions to organizations of all sizes, both nationwide and internationally.

    We had a pleasure to work with clients in various industries, including security, telecommunications, healthcare, Internet, consumer electronics, and many more.

    By delivering effective, reliable and secure IT solutions, we help our clients optimize operations, remedy vulnerabilities and speed the development of new products and services.

  • We believe

    That a project should be done right, and that is to meet our clients’ expectations.

    We strive to offer more and be above which means to exceed these expectations.

    That’s what the name Right&Above stands for.

  • We work

    With startups, small and midsize businesses, large companies.

  • We are


    We believe that motivated, talented and dedicated professionals are the key to a project’s success.

    That’s why we carefully select our team members and create favorable conditions for a truly cooperative environment.

    Right&Above is a place where experts work hand in hand with young and creative professionals to reach one goal – bring every project to success.

  • With

    Right & Above,

    You get a true technology solutions delivery partner that is committed to your success.

    Our promise to our customers, is that we will always do the very best we can to help them reach their goals and be successful, commit to only what we can deliver, deliver on whatever we commit to, and that we will always deliver superior value to them through innovation, excellence, and professionalism.


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Understanding Big Data

What is Big Data?

Nowadays, it is no longer a surprise that almost every Internet service attempts to determine the desires of users in a very short time and offers products, movies, music, and other types of content. This would not be possible without analyzing colossal data. In recent years, there has been a real boom in Big Data, and today many processes rely on it.

In 2008, Clifford Lynch proposed the term Big Data in his article in the journal Nature. He spoke about the global growth of information volumes in the world and noted that new and more developed tools will help master them.

Since then, the term has defined this concept as structured or unstructured large volume data sets with a set of methods of storing and processing information for automation, optimization of business processes, and adoption of the most effective decisions. Forrester puts it succinctly, “Big data combines techniques and technologies that extract meaning from data at the extreme limits of practicality.”

The world’s largest data operators, such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Amazon, were first to actively collect user data, analyze it, and use it to improve their services. Thus, big data analysis has opened up the opportunity for companies to study the preferences of their customers and use this information when working on various development strategies.

The information volume of Big Data is constantly increasing. In 2020, it was 44 zettabytes. We are creating data at such a high rate that we have had to invent new words like zettabyte (ZB) to measure it. One ZB is a trillion gigabytes. For example, that is almost 8 billion smartphones with 128 GB memory. If you put all these smartphones one after another, you could circle the Earth 45 times. By 2025, IDC estimates that the total volume of business data will reach 175 zettabytes.

The sources of Big Data involve the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices; blogs, social networks, websites, and media; company data: transactions, orders of goods and services, taxi and car sharing trips, customer profiles; various professional databases, including medical, geolocation, meteorological, satellite, cellular data, and others.

According to the Cisco Annual Internet Report research program, the three Vs – volume, velocity and variety – respectively denoting the physical volume, the speed of obtaining new data, and its rapid processing, can explain the principle of Big Data. Subsequently, the principle of three Vs expanded to eight Vs, including veracity, viability, value, variability and visualization.

There are many different techniques for analyzing data sets. McKinsey characterizes data processing methods as follows: crowdsourcing (classification), data integration, machine learning, and network analysis using genetic algorithms, pattern recognition, predictive analytics, simulation modeling, spatial analysis, statistical analysis, and visualization of analytical data.

Where is Big Data Used?

The potential of Big Data analytics is so great that today it can be used in many industries, such as manufacturing, medicine, retail, telecommunications, etc. More than 55% of companies in the US now work with big data. Over the past five years, the use of Big Data in business has tripled.

For example, a manufacturer can predict demand for its products based on historical sales, seasonality of demand, market conditions, changes in the cost of consumables, and so on.

The main value of using big data in production is cost reduction and optimization. The implementation of Internet of Things-based solutions allows companies to monitor the condition of equipment, prevent possible failures, and simulate production processes. One of the highest indicators of effective use relates to the energy sector. Big Data analytics increases the accuracy of generator power distribution by up to 99%.

The introduction of mobile technologies and the spread of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices has accelerated the use of Big Data in healthcare. Analysis of information arrays makes it possible to study the effectiveness of treatment and prevention of diseases, allows to develop new methods for improving population health, and predict the demand for pharmaceuticals. Big data can be used to track the growth of epidemics. Using big data, a group of researchers and scientists from Boston was able to detect the spread of fever in Guinea nine days before the Ebola virus outbreak was officially declared.

In retail, big data helps companies better understand their customers, optimize logistics and forecast sales. Big Data allows you to segment the audience by more than five thousand parameters, such as the most popular customer locations, customer gender and age, target price segment, interests, and so on. The implementation of big data analysis tools by the world’s largest wholesale and retail chain Walmart allowed the increase in online sales revenue from 10% to 15%. Amazon’s new recommendation system, which is based on Big Data, began to generate a third of the company’s revenue.


Similar to retail, in telecom big data makes it possible to collect more detailed information about consumers and use it to improve service offerings, develop new pricing and services, forecast sales. One of the most useful applications of big data in telecommunications is fraud prevention. Thanks to machine learning technology, operators can track spam calls and protect subscribers from intrusive advertising. Telecom operators are one of the largest owners of big data about transactions, geolocation, search queries, and profiles in the Internet. This allows them to offer Big Data analysis and processing services to companies in other areas.


Big data has brought not only new opportunities to the public but also new risks.

Technological and organizational problems. Big data is heterogeneous, making it difficult to interpret. The more parameters required for prediction, the more errors are accumulated during analysis.

Thus, according to a study by New Vantage Partners, it was noted that almost 91% of surveyed companies indicate that the biggest problems are difficulties of managing large volumes of information, which are aggravated by organizational problems, lack of personnel, and relevant experience of workers.

Security risks. Storing and processing large amounts of information are associated with increased vulnerability to hacking, which is why they have become an attractive target for cyber-attacks. A striking example is the scandal with Facebook when data leaks of tens of millions of users occurred. User anonymity has become very problematic, which gives rise to several ethical problems associated with privacy. 72% of US adults believe companies have too much control over their data (YouGov).

Social and cultural problems. In many ways, the advantages and capabilities of Big Data depend on data quality, i.e. on reliability and timeliness of information. Experts write that it is not always accurate and sometimes is biased, or its selection is made according to arbitrary criteria.

Current Trends

Big Data has become increasingly popular strategic resource for effective management. As a result, the challenge of quality data management and analysis drives some of the current trends that we see.

  1. Artificial intelligence has penetrated in many aspects of life. The use of AI technologies, the latest and most advanced, is rapidly becoming mainstream in working with corporate data.

Let’s take the method of Transfer Learning (TL) as an example. It allows you to use the knowledge gained from training models on one problem to solve other problems. Compared to traditional Machine Learning (ML), transfer learning saves a lot of time.

For example, you need different models to detect trucks and buses in images. With a conventional ML approach, you need two datasets to train two different neural networks. The creation of the first model by using transfer learning identifies all auto vehicles, and on its basis, models are made to recognize trucks, buses, limousines, convertibles, tractors, and so on. As a result, we have higher productivity and quality with transfer learning.

  1. Improving the quality of natural language processing is another trend. Big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and machine learning are expanding the boundaries of human and technological interaction. This gives these technologies a human face through Natural Language Processing (NLP).

NLP allows even the most ordinary users to interact with intelligent systems. They do not need to resort to complicated coding. Now, you can query complex data sets using ordinary words and phrases through voice or keyboard input and get the same easy-to-understand business intelligence results.

Further implementation of NLP tools will significantly increase the level of distribution of data mining technologies. For example, it can provide businesses with access to sentiment analysis. This will allow them to learn how their customers feel about their brands on a much deeper level. There are many ways that information can be tied to specific demographics, income levels, education levels, and the like.

  1. Emphasis on data visualization or dataviz, short for Data Visualization. The human brain can process visual effects 60 thousand times faster than text and numbers. In addition, it can recognize trends, identify potential problems, and predict future developments using visual representations of data such as graphs and charts. The purpose of graphical display is to improve usability and make data easier to understand.

The problem lies at the intersection: on the one hand, you need to have a good understanding of the nature and meaning of your data. On the other hand, you need to have strong UX competencies to visually present this data.

  1. Data-as-a-service (DaaS) is becoming increasingly ingrained in our lives. The popularity of DaaS as a management concept has grown due to the development of the market of specialized cloud providers that sell analytics results on a subscription basis. This ensures that users get the data they need for their business without extra infrastructure costs or additional staffing.

Essentially, this is an approach to working with data streams, the goal of which is to provide end users with the result of processing data streams in an understandable and easy-to-use form, in a short time and in a manner protected from external interference. The data-as-a-service model works in two ways: 1) volume-based, when payment is made depending on the amount of data, or when the payment is taken for each API call of the consumer to the platform of the data provider; 2) type-based, which is pre-structured by providers, such as geographical, financial, historical data, etc.

It is worth noting that DaaS is used both for the company’s internal needs and to fulfill the tasks set by customers. Moreover, in both cases, DaaS structures the work process, allows you to increase income, and speeds up getting results. Research firm Gartner projects that end-user spending in DaaS will grow 26.6% by the end of 2023.

  1. Real-time analytics is the need of the hour. Total digitalization has made it possible to receive and process data almost instantly. Managers now want to enable enterprise systems to respond to business events with near-zero latency. For instance, they want not just to learn about the sale that has occurred in a chain store, but also to analyze all sales on the fly and make decisions. For example, cancel a discount if the product is already selling well. Or urgently reduce the price if there is a risk of not selling before the expiration date. It is possible that many industries will work at the same pace as traders on the stock exchange soon.

There are two main reasons for speeding up data analysis. First, many businesses have gone online. People want to know everything and at once. Second, this is the beginning of the widespread penetration of IoT solutions into various industries.

  1. The exponential growth of information will lead to new solutions in data storage technologies. Many companies are concerned that the volume of data is growing faster than they can store and analyze. Currently, the average share of IT infrastructure spending is about 3-4% of the total budget of US companies, while storage systems can account for up to 30% of total IT spending. This means that approximately 1% of the total budget is spent on data storage. Moreover, if the volume increases 100 times, will it be 100%? How can a business survive then?

Will storage system manufacturers have time to give a worthy response to the impending information explosion? There is no firm answer. For now, suppliers of traditional HDD/SSD dominate the market and do not intend to lose ground. Of course, in the fierce competition, they improve the characteristics of their devices and reduce prices.

However, due to existing challenges, new recording technologies are becoming more common, such as Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR), Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR), and Heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR). Experts believe that by 2025, the capacity of hard drives will grow to 100 TB thanks to innovations, and the next-generation data storage market will accelerate.

Thus, the big data industry will undoubtedly continue its rapid growth as long as people continue to generate data. New developments in data and analytics will give companies more opportunities to better serve their customers and increase revenue.

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